A free standing boxing bag is a great solution when you are unable to hang a punching bag.

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Ki Max and Morgan 6ft high free standing punching bags with numbers are the most popular free standing punching bags used mainly for light personal use at home or in the gym.

There are very specific instructions in regards to the correct use of free standing bags so make sure you read the product full information page very carefully before you decide that a free standing punching bag is suitable for the way you wish to workout.

Basically you are never going to be able hit and lay into a free standing bag as much as you can with a bag you can hang.

Although the free standing punch bags that are available at Universal Self Defence are high quality and well made they are still not going to be as tough and as durable as a good quality punching bag that you can hang up. Also free standing punching bags are much more expensive than a punching bag that you can hang but if you definitely cannot find a way of hanging a punching bag then you have no choice but to use a free standing bag.

Do not get the wrong idea just because free stand bags are not as good as a bag you can hang that the free standing bags are no good and a waste of time. In actual fact free stand bags are brilliant for fast light boxing combinations to build up speed, endurance, technique, timing and accuracy which are some of the most important aspects of fitness and skills for the intelligent fighter.

To most important thing to understand when you are deciding which 6ft free standing punching bag with numbers is the best bag for you to use, is the main differences between the PB-26 Morgan free standing punching bag and the B237N-PM Ki Max Punch Master is the PB-26 Morgan bag has a spring loaded shaft so when you punch it bends and rebounds back at you, while the Ki Max bag has a rigid shaft so it does not bend and the impact is absorbed in the foam.

Many fighters like the PB-26 rebound action as they can also train their timing more realistically for fighting.
The Ki Max Punch Master is most preferred for fitness training as it is simple and easier to hit and feels more solid because it does not bend and rebound when you hit it.
The Ki Max also provides a bit more hitting area down low as the foam goes down to the base where as the PB-26 has a cover at the bottom to cover the shaft so the foam does not go all the way down.
Both the Ki Max and Morgan bags are good quality, just mainly depends if you want to work your timing and fitness with the PB-26 Morgan rebound action or you just want to work your fitness with the B237N-PM Ki Max that is easier to hit and feels more solid because the shaft does not bend.

The Morgan free standing torso shape human dummy punching bags also have the same spring loaded shaft rebound action as the Morgan 6ft bag with numbers so you can train your timing as well as your accuracy on a more human shape target.

The free standing boxing balls also bend and rebound and are for very light personal use only so do not leave them in an area where unsupervised people may miss use them by trying to whack them as hard as they can which is not what training smart fighting skills is all about.

The free standing bag for juniors is for very light use and is only good for real small little kids under 8 years with supervised training so they do not push with their punches as the bag will move about.

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