Martial arts and self-defence related sports have come a long way for the fairer sex. It was not that long ago, after being banned for most of the 20th century, it has become legal for women to compete in sanctioned boxing tournaments. Now the final most important recognition has been achieved with womens boxing competing for the first time in the 2012 London Olympic games.

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Women fighters all across the world are indeed a force to be reckoned with and will continue to go from strength to strength with the dramatic increase in female participation in all styles of martial arts. At Universal Self Defence we salute women who have no fear in taking on what the martial arts have to offer. At the same time we appreciate women have a slightly different set of needs as far as martial arts equipment is concerned. Now we have an exciting new breed of women very much involved in the martial artists that like to show their pride and fire up with hot pink coloured boxing gloves, hand wraps, MMA gloves, loose fitting kick boxing shorts, training singlets and crop tops, head gear, shin and instep pads, chest protectors, focus pads and punching bags.

Womens Boxing Hand Wraps & Boxing Gloves
Wearing boxing gloves and hand wraps is very important for women to help protect their hands whether they are sparring, competing or beating up and thumping into a punching bag. Many female fighters wrap their hands with pink cotton hand wraps, which come in elasticised and regular versions. But sometimes it is faster to just use easy hand wraps that are elasticised. Morgan pink boxing gloves are a classic well balanced boxing glove that come in 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz & 16 oz. and in children’s 4 oz & 6 oz sizes. The Morgan pro boxing gloves are manufactured from 100 percent pink leather and have advanced high-density padding and extra wide Velcro wrist strap closure for best fit and added wrist support. The Morgan boxing gloves have been approved by the ANBF and also make curved bag mitts pink gloves. The Morgan Diabla 2-tone pink MMA gloves are designed for ladies who like grappling and ladies pink weight lifting gloves come in handy when you want to look good throwing the weights around in the gym.

Leg Pads & Boxing Boots
It is important to protect the legs and feet throughout the sport of kickboxing and other martial art disciplines. For women and girls there are a few different options for leg protection and provided they have the right size fit, the girls can wear the guys leg protectors too. Good support, posture and balance start at the feet and for the girls there are a pair of pink elasticised ankle protectors to help prevent the ankle from over extending. Girls can wear them underneath their high performance Morgan pink boxing boots or with shin guards. Those who are after more padding on their lower legs should consider the shin and instep guards. The higher quality ones are constructed of top quality materials and are machine grade moulded for high impact shin and instep protection.

Ladies Boxing & Kickboxing Clothes
Whether you are working out in the gym or fighting in the ring it is important to look the part and a good idea to come appropriately outfitted in breathable clothes that fit well. Ladies sports crop tops are essential for gym work outs and outdoor training. They can be worn underneath clothing or by themselves during rigorous sessions. Morgan Girls kickboxing shorts look great and can also be used for boxing and look even better when paired with the Morgan Girls training singlet. Try mixing and matching with a few ladies sports crop top and shorts gym set which comes in colours like black and red. Then of course there is nothing quite the same for the lady boxer as having your own womens pink boxing gown.

Head, Chest, Breast and Groin Protectors
Everyone that is alive should include some kind of head protection during a competitive fight or sparring match. The Super Nylex pink head guards are ideal for the ladies because it gives them a hole to run their long flowing ponytail hair through. Crop tops or exercise bras are acceptable for training situations, but in a fight or during any sparring match female fighters should always wear chest protectors as seriously long term damaging contact is most likely to occur. Ladies pro guard chest protectors are moulded with heavy duty, extra tough ‘fog effect’ plastic. There are also ladies pro chest guard crop tops with removable plastic inserts so they are easy to wash and keep clean. Also for the girls ladies ovary protectors that also tuck up to protect the groin area is a good idea as it can be very unpleasant to cop an accidental kick in that area.

Pink Focus Pads & Punching Bags
Punching bags, focus and kicking pads are a must have for building strength and agility during training. Different types of targets are used to work on different skills. Morgan hot pink round focus pads can be used by a trainer to work on specific combinations with small, moving targets. Similarly there are the pink curved focus mitts or the two tone pink and black strike shields and Muay Thai kicking pads. Large punching bags are usually suspended from the ceiling or attached to a heavy base. They are excellent for girls and boys who want to work on their strength and endurance, burn calories or build muscles.

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