Make no mistake, girls can hit hard and they enjoy nothing better than to pound away on the girls pink focus pads and strike shields that are available for purchase at Universal Self Defence.

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The Morgan pink design focus pads and strike shields, also known as kick shields, are not just great looking targets. 

The round focus pads are packed with high density shock absorbing foam that can really take a relentless pounding, time and time again. And with the handle and strap at the back the round focus pads are the lightest and easiest targets to hold.

The Morgan curved focus mitts for girls are also easy to hold and are the best for light fast speed and endurance boxing.

For all the strong girls and powerful women that like to blast away with their kicks and punches, the Morgan girls pink curved strike shields are the best partner held target you will find. It has plenty of high density shock absorbing foam thickness so you can really slam your shin kicks deep and hard into the shield. 

Just make sure your kick shield holder is ready for your full power strikes so you do not bowl them over.

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