Punching bags made for women and girls are made in an eye catching hot pink colour that never fails to fire you up and put you in the mood to punch and kick the Morgan girls pink punching bags.

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Morgan girls punching bags are not all about looks. The compact cut rags are packed inside the punch bag within an inner foam lining that makes the girls punching bags more pleasurable to punch and kick.

Kicking an ordinary rock hard punching bag can be a bit grueling on your shins so the foam lined Morgan pink punching bags are much better to use if you want endure more extensive workouts with your shin kicks.

Also popular are the Morgan girls punching bags in the 2-tone pink black colour which gives the punching bags a stronger and more professional look.

There are 2 sizes, 100 cm long is more suited to smaller women and teenage girls and the 4ft 120 cm size is perfect for the larger teenagers and women who also like to kick the bag.

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