Specially designed girls training packs for martial arts, MMA and boxing fitness are a great way to have all the essential items you need with the one easy purchase at the Universal Self Defence web store.

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For girls martial arts and boxing training the Morgan pink Female Training Pack is very good value for punching the focus mitts and a skipping to increase the aerobic fitness level even further.

For girls doing MMA, the Morgan Ladies MMA Training Pack has a pair of MMA gloves instead of bag mitts so you can also do your MMA sparring with the gloves.

Martial arts and kickboxing training also requires a larger size strike shield for the girls to lay into with their martial arts kicks so there are the Morgan Womens Kick Boxing Workout Training Packs specially designed to care of the girls who like to kick just as much as punching the targets.

All the Morgan girls training packs are not only great to workout with they also look great in the latest pink and black 2-tone colour designs.

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