If you like to ground and pound and it is an important part of your mixed martial arts training then our MMA ground and pound bags are made just for you!

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Made extra tough MMA ground and pound bags, training nuggets and human dummy shape bags are all available to purchase from the Universal Self Defence web store and there are various shapes and sizes from 4ft to 6ft long to choose from.

Although ground and pound bags are made extra tough, you do not want to use them on the hard floor for your own safety and to prolong the life of your ground and pound bag.
All grappling and ground and pound punching bags should be used on soft foam mat flooring that is high density and shock absorbing.
Also for protection of your hands and joints you should wear well padded gloves with good wrist support.

Practising predefined moves for MMA ground fighting with the ground and pound dummy is a great way to build incredible speed, fitness and endurance and to perfect your MMA techniques.

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