Every gym needs to use foam or rubber mats and Universal Self Defence online web store has a variety of popular sized gym mats to choose from for both laying down on the floor or for putting up wall pads on the wall.

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There are many activities that gym mats are used for where you do not want to land on a hard unforgiving surface. Depending on the activity the type of gym mats you need maybe a vinyl covered foam to soften the impact or heavy duty high density rubber gym mats for high traffic weight training and exercise machine gym areas.

The first thing you need to workout is the area you wish to cover then you can workout how many gym mats you need after checking the dimensions of the gym mats online. You also need to decide the ideal thickness for your foam covered vinyl mats. The height you may you fall from and your bodyweight are the main factors in deciding how think you want the mats to provide a soft enough landing. Also if the mats are going on a concrete floor then they need to be a little thicker than on a suspended timber floor.
Keep in mind no matter how thick the mats are you still need to land correctly. It is always best to train people to get their falling technique right and build their confidence at a low height first well before they try the bigger falls.

Folding Gym Mats
Folding gym mats are a convenient way to quickly lay out and set up your gym mats and to fold back up after use to store them away. Folding mats can also be joined together via the Velcro tabs to cover a large area. The vinyl rip stop covers are very durable and can easily be cleaned with moist sponge. These are ideal medium density mats for various martial arts as well as gymnastics.
There is also an extra thick 2-panel single fold gymnastic mat with soft density foam that is also ideal as a soft landing mat for judo type throws that can be used on top of the 3 to 4 cm mats for extra cushioning.

Roll Out Mats
Rolled out mats is another easy way to layout mats. To cover a large area the roll out mats must be joined to together with special mesh masking tape, which is also available at additional cost on request.

Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring Gym Tile Mats
Commercial grade rubber one metre square tiles are also available and are ideal for weight lifting and weight training areas. Because the rubber tiles are so heavy, being highly compressed dense rubber, they can be laid down without adhesive. They provide a waterproof, shock absorbing, anti-slip surface that is ideal for high traffic gym areas and are tough enough to use under exercise machines and other gym equipment.

Takedown Landing Mats
There are a number of large one piece gym mats that are used for many activities such as martial arts throwing and takedowns and for gymnastics, acrobatics and athletics. High impact absorbing medium density EVA foam is used and covered with durable rip stop vinyl. Many of the mats come with Velcro tabs so you can join them together for extra coverage and the larger thicker mats have side handles so two or more people can lift and carry the mats easily. The extra thick mats have either mesh panels or eyelets to let the air out quickly.

Wall Pads
Mounting foam mats on the wall is made easier by using wall pad panels. These are great for martial arts and security training so you can throw your opponent realistically up against the wall without injury. Also wall pads are ideal for indoor sports and gym areas to protect against injury where people are likely to run into a wall.

Gymnastics Senior Mini Trampoline
Mini trampolines are often used with gymnastics and acrobatics but they must be of extra strong structure like the one made by the world’ s largest supplier of equipment to the Olympics games, Taishan sports. It also has a padded mat surface covering the springs that work the webbed spring mat and rubber feet to prevent the trampoline from moving about.

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