Some mats need to be a lot tougher than others. Commercial gym mats need to be able to handle a high volume of traffic and be able to absorb repeated impact especially in weight training areas.

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Heavy duty high density rubber gym tiles and stall mats can take a lot punishment and are ideal for crossfit training and high traffic commercial gyms.

Stall mat sheets are a great option over the gym tiles as stall mats are 100 percent virgin rubber which is nonporous so they are easy to keep clean and they are highly resistant to impact so they are excellent for crossfit and weight training and high trafiic areas both indoor and outdoors.

Because the stall mats, which were originally designed for horse stalls, are virgin rubber when new they have that strong rubber smell like new rubber car mats do. The smell does dissipate slowly over time, usually about 6 months. Having a well ventilated area and opening the gym early to air out, can help with the initial smell of the mats after they have been locked up for awhile.

The Astro turf track floor matting is fantastic for dragging the weight sleds and can also be used indoors or outdoors.

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