For more realistic martial arts target practise you need to train on a martial arts dummy or a punching bag that looks more like the human body shape.

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Human shape punching bags, MMA fitness training nuggets and the free standing human dummy all do an excellent job representing the human body shape for a more realistic martial arts target, although they are all quite different in the type of training they are designed for.

Human Shape Punching Bags
If you need a human shape punching bag that you can really pound into then you cannot go past the Morgan torso shape punching bags that you can hang and bang same as you do with a normal punching bag.

The Morgan torso shape punching bags are made from extra heavy duty material and can take just about anything you can throw at them in the way of punches, kicks, knees, elbows etc. The punching bag dummies are made to order in Australia and are built to last with 4 way weave rip stop high density polyester yarn vinyl material that is UV stabilised and mildew resistant so they are easy to wipe clean. The dummies have strong straps to hang by and a tie down loop on the bottom to take the swing out of the bag.

If you live in a remote area or do not live on the east coast of Australia you might like to order an empty unfilled torso shape punching bag to save on the delivery costs as the filled bags are quite heavy and bulky to send. The bags have an opening flap so no need to stitch up after you fill it up. Best filling is cut up or torn up rags from old clothes, sheets, towels etc. or you can get the left over off cut material from a clothing factory.

MMA Training Nugget Bags and Fitness Bags
The MMA human torso shape nugget bags are great for MMA cardio fitness training and for practising MMA ground fitting techniques. The Morgan MMA Training Nugget Bags are the toughest torso shape MMA bag for MMA ground fighting techniques and fitness training with 1200-D Korean rip stop canvas backed vinyl and reinforced stitched seams.
The MMA cardio fitness training nugget bags with handles are easier to hold, carry, lift and workout out striking the bag in the standing position. They are not really designed for ground fighting with the handles but they are really good for practising MMA techniques while having the bag in your guard when on your back.
All the MMA training nugget bags with or without handles should always be used on soft impact absorbing mats both for your own safety and for the bags durability as using the bags on hard floor surfaces will damage the bags.

Free Standing Human Dummy Punching Bags
The Morgan free standing dummy gives you the main human target areas to practise your punching combinations whilst concentrating on mainly speed, timing and accuracy. The punching dummy is not designed for full power striking, kicking or hitting with batons or any hard or sharp object. So you should never leave your dummy alone where others may misuse and damage it. The torso top is made from impact absorbing PU foam and it is attached to a spring loaded shaft so when you hit the dummy the shaft bends backwards and then the dummy will rebound straight back at you. The rebound action annoys some people but the skilled martial artist soon makes use of the rebound action to improve their speed, accuracy and timing which is what the dummy is designed to do. To preserve the life of the dummy you should always wear well padded bag gloves to lessen the impact of your punches.

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