Extra thick foam floor mats are not only needed for Judo throwing, they are also often needed for takedowns with Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, mixed martial arts and for tumbling and falling with gymnastics and acrobatics.

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Martial arts Judo throwing mats come in various shapes, sizes and configurations. The most popular and economical and easiest to use for most martial arts that do throws and takedowns would have be the 4 cm thick jigsaw mats.

The jigsaw mats can absorb the highest impact without bottoming out and they have a very fast rebound response rate, yet the jigsaw mats are firm enough so you can still move freely around without the risk of rolling your ankle.

Jigsaw mats are the best mats for general judo type throwing martial arts use but with the really big throws and falls you need the much thicker vinyl covered foam mats that go from 5 cm up to 30 cm thick.

The thicker vinyl foam covered gym mats are often put on top of the jigsaw mats in a smaller area reserved just for the bigger falls.

The Bushido rolled gym mat flooring is another good option for general martial arts use but these need to be taped together with a special joining cloth tape so they do not come apart. Once you tape the rolled mats together you do not want to have to pull them apart and re-tape them too often so rolled mats are best used where the mats do not have to be packed away after use.

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