Muay Thai kick boxers never like to hold back so kickboxing clothing must be as light and as strong as possible and not restrict the kickboxers movements in any way whatsoever.

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Kickboxing shorts and pants are made from lightweight, smooth satin material with strong re-enforced stitching in the main stress areas so they are tough and light and can take some real punishment when working out with kickboxing training or competing in the ring.

To hold the kickboxing shorts and pants in place you have an extra wide elasticated waist with a draw string as well. The waist fit is very flexible allowing a generous waist size range as you can easily adjust the size by pulling and tightening the drawstring.

Kickboxers often fight with very strong emotions and so they like to have their kickboxing shorts in bold bright and colourful designs that reflect their mood and fighting spirit and what they are feeling and believe in when they go into battle. This is extremely important to help maintain the mental psychology and the strength of character and belief that is needed to be willing and able to risk all and step into the ring and take on the ultimate challenge.

Here at the Universal Self Defence we understand the spirit that is needed to achieve success in the art of kickboxing and that is why we have such a great range of inspirational kickboxing shorts and pants colours and designs to choose from.

The most popular kick boxing clothes brands are the Smai and Morgan kickboxing shorts and pants. Both brands include some stunning designs including the womens knockout pink kickboxing shorts with the Morgan camo pink and no fear kickboxing shorts designs and the Smai Fight Wear eagle pink kickboxing shorts design is another stunner. Many of the girls who are not into pink like to wear the some of the other kickboxing shorts designs as they are for both males and females and anyone who enjoys looking good whilst kickboxing.