Like Universal Self Defence, kickboxing is an amalgamation of martial arts. Since kickboxing can be used to describe many different styles of fighting across the world it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it developed.

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The term kickboxing, which has enjoyed enormous popularity throughout the years, was coined by Japanese boxing promoter Osamu Noguchi during the 1960s. He used it to describe a hybrid martial art that was a combination of karate and Muay Thai. The idea was to establish a sport with the discipline of karate that allowed for the excitement of full contact fighting. By the Nineties some version of kickboxing had spread around the world. But there is no dominant kickboxing organization and each tournament may be slightly different.
Although the rules vary for different styles of kickboxing they all call for the same kinds of equipment that is specific to kickboxing. For the sake of safety, enjoyment and performance it is recommended that kick boxers make use of the proper gear. All kick boxers should have comfortable light fitting clothing to train and fight in, and protective head gear and mouth guards, shin and instep guards, gloves and a layer of protection for the more sensitive areas of the body should always be worn. When competing kickboxers are only allowed the minimum of protection but when training it best to wear the best protection available to avoid injuries so you can train more regularly. All the kickboxing specific items are available here is this category at the Universal Self Defence web store. Kickboxing being a martial art also uses items that are in some of our other shopping categories such as Martial Arts Target and Sparring and Protective Gear.

Kickboxing Clothes
Professionals recommend that kick boxers wear light and loose shorts with an extra wide elastic and drawstring waist so the kickboxing shorts do not move about and do not restrict mobility particularly with the fast kicking action. This will ensure that the participant has full measure to move about the ring with ease. Some kickboxers prefer to wear kickboxing pants that are also very loose and light and have the same wide elastic and drawstring waist. For presentation purposes before a major fight kickboxers may also adorn themselves with boxing robes on entry to the stadium. Anyone with long hair should be sure to secure it behind their heads with an elastic so that it does not block your vision during a work out or competing. Most kickboxers have their hair short to avoid it getting in the way and to reduce body temperature as that can lead to exhaustion.

Shin & Instep Guards
Obviously in the sport of kickboxing kicking is considered fair game. Shin and instep guards and sometimes kicking boots are a key part of protecting the fighters legs. Shin/instep guards are available in different materials including synthetic polymers, cotton blends and leather. Generally experts agree that leather or synthetic leather is best because it offers the most amount of protection while still being lightweight and durable. Professional kick boxers prefer lighter leg guards because they allow for quicker movements in the ring.

Kickboxing Packs
Kickboxing training packs are great idea especially for those just starting out and not sure what to purchase. Also it works out cheaper and more convenient to buy a kickboxing pack designed by Universal Self Defence especially for kickboxing training.

Kick Pads & Shields
Kick boxers need extra strong kick shield targets to pound away on with their savage kicks. This is important not only to hone their kicking skills but also to condition their muscles and bones to take a large amount of impact for competition. Also the smaller kick pads need to be light but tough and made with high density impact absorbing foam so it is easy to hold one with each arm so the kick boxer has dual targets to work with. Universal Self Defence also has leg strike shields that are easier to hold on your outer thigh so kicks to the legs can be practised at the perfect height.

Gloves are one of the most important pieces of gear that a kick boxer will buy. If you are serious about kickboxing it is best to invest in a good pair of boxing gloves. There are cheap gloves available that are made of synthetic materials but they tend to breakdown in time after continuous heavy use. They also offer not quite as good protection for the fighters hands. Boxing gloves and bag gloves that kick boxers use can be found in the Boxing Equipment or the Sparring and Protective Gear categories. Kick boxers are also in the practice of wrapping their hands in bandages before they put on their gloves. This offers an additional layer of protection, although the length of the bandage maybe limited for tournament matches. Elastic wraps and Mexican style hand wraps are considered to be the most protective kinds of bandages.

If you are going to be taking uppercuts and bolo punches to the dome then it is wise to protect your skull. Headgear is also important in case you clash heads together or you lose your balance and strike your head against the floor. It is no secret that serious head injuries can lead to brain damage or even death. Look for properly fitted head gear that is not too big or small which offers the maximum amount of protection. You will also want to take care to protect your teeth with a dental guard. Mouth guards are available in pliable materials that will mould to the individual shape of your teeth. Head guards and mouth guards for kickboxing can be found in the Boxing Equipment or the Sparring and Protective Gear categories.

Other Guards & Protection
Other layers of protective gear are recommended for kick boxers. The type of equipment varies by the sex of the kick boxer. Men should wear some kind of groin protection. This comes in many forms from athletic supporters to special shorts with built in cups. Women are advised to protect their chests because they are much more sensitive than a mens torsos. For breast protection, athletic apparel companies offer breast guards as well as crop tops with hard shell inner moulds. All these additional protectors can be found at the Universal Self Defence web store in the Sparring and Protective Gear shopping category.

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