There is no mistaking the traditional Chinese black Kung Fu uniforms with their Chinese style buttons, collars and cuffs and the Chinese black shoes or slippers for more casual wear.

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Chinese Kung Fu uniforms are made from 10 oz poly/cotton material so they always look neat and tidy and they are easy to wash and there is no need for ironing.

Although the black Kung Fu uniforms look more like traditional Chinese casual wear clothes they are made tough for rigours of Kung Fu training with re-enforced stitching in the main stress areas and as with all Kung Fu clothes they are worn loose and are designed so they do not restrict any of the free flowing Kung Fu movements.

At Universal Self Defence web store you can find and buy in both adult and kids sizes the genuine traditional black Kung Fu uniforms and you can choose to have either the all black Chinese Kung Fu uniform or black with white buttons, collar and cuffs.

You will also find at Universal Self Defence the traditional Chinese classic Kung Fu shoes that are more like casual wear slippers. There are also black Kung Fu Karate shoes which are great for both Kung Fu and Karate training.

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