There is nothing like the feel of real leather when you are working out with your medicine ball.

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Top quality Morgan leather medicine balls in new 2 tone colours with the kilo weight measurement written on the side are available from the Universal Self Defence web store.

The leather medicine ball sizes increase as the weight increases so its easy to tell how heavy the leather medicine balls are just by looking at them. If you are feeling strong and you do not want to do a lot of reps then grab the bigger medicine ball. If you want to train more for speed and endurance you will need to do a higher number of repetitions so grab the smaller size medicine ball.

Morgan leather medicine balls are a perfect medicine ball for home or gym use and have a great feel to them when training with your core fitness power exercises. The leather medicine balls are inner fleece filled for softer impact so they are more user friendly particularly if the ball falls on your stomach or foot.

The leather medicine balls do not bounce and are not for dropping or slamming on hard surfaces.

The Morgan leather medicine balls are made with a robust multi panel construction design that helps the medicine balls to maintain their shape.

The weight sizes of the Morgan leather medicine balls start at 2 kg then 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg and then the biggest available is the 10 kg size.

If you need a good looking, high quality, economical and durable leather medicine ball then you should look no further than the Morgan leather medicine balls.

Ordering a leather medicine ball on the Universal Self Defence web site is really easy. The medicine ball prices are increased when you order a larger size. It you require the 5 kg, 7 kg and 9 kg size then its easier and cheaper to order the Morgan Leather Medicine Balls - Set of 3.

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