All martial artists appreciate how important it is to prepare yourself both in mind and body before your workout. This time honoured ritual of preparing yourself first for the rigours of martial arts always begins when you start putting on the appropriate martial arts uniform for the occasion.

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Different disciplines such as judo, karate, kung fu, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts require their own specific clothing and uniforms. The pursuit of martial arts presents a whole new range of specifically designed uniforms and clothing to wear during practice as well as competitive play. Most types of martial arts and self-defence call for loose, breathable clothes that fit well and allow for the maximum range of movement. Other times, like during fitness gym training, it is appropriate to wear more casual general exercise, Crossfit or MMA clothes. However clothing and uniforms designed specifically for the practice of martial arts are less restrictive and more durable than other clothes while at the same time offering more protection. Martial arts clothing and uniforms are available for purchase at the website of Universal Self Defence. These include boxing clothes and boots, kickboxing shorts and pants, martial arts uniforms, belts and badges, MMA Mixed Martial Arts clothes and fightwear and include clothes for women and girls who not only want the functionality of a well designed martial arts outfit but also want to look good too.

Boxing Clothes and Boots
Boxing clothes generally consist of lightweight airflow or satin finish fabrics. Boxing shorts are always loose and unrestrictive and have an extra wide elasticated and drawstring waist so they are a very comfortable tight fit and great to workout in. Boxing shorts are often worn oversized in competition to allow for the wearing of a groin and abdominal guard underneath and to make it clearer when the opponent punches below the belt. Boxing singlets are made as light and cool as possible and are designed not to restrict the shoulders when punching and are more tight fitting so the singlet does not come loose during a match. For presentation purposes boxers like to adorn themselves with a shiny satin finish boxing robe or gown complete with a hood and a loosely tied belt. Morgan and SMAI are two of the most well known boxing brands in Australia and produce high quality clothes and boots for boxing and martial arts. Morgan High Performance Wrestling-Boxing boots are the best of both worlds. They feature 100 percent upper suede leather, stitched and glued flexible soles and ventilation points over the toes. But if you are planning to concentrate solely on boxing then the Morgan Real Performance Boxing Boots may be more suited to your needs. These are the same boxing boots that were featured in Australian Fashion Week. In addition to looking good these boxing boots offer high cut lightweight material designed in Europe with double layers of suede over the toes.

Kickboxing Shorts & Pants
Kickboxing shorts are very similar to boxing shorts being usually made with light but tough satin finish material and having an extra wide elasticated and drawstring waist so the shorts don’t move around. As kicking is a big part of kickboxing the shorts are more designed to allow the kicks to flow freely with no restrictions whatsoever. Many of the kickboxing designs can be quite decorative often displaying the fighter’s passion for their sport and the art of doing battle. As Thailand is considered the home of kickboxing many of the kickboxing shorts designs also display the very distinctive traditional Thai writing. Kickboxing shorts are an excellent choice for those who also practice kickboxing for just self-defence and fitness. They are designed specifically to fit the body well while being well ventilated and flexible at the same time. It is important to pick kickboxing shorts that are not too small because they should feel loose for maximum speed and agility.

Martial Arts Uniforms
The online shop at Universal Self Defence offers uniforms for the practice of many different styles of martial arts, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, judo, jiu-jitsu, BJJ and MMA mixed martial arts. These types of martial arts uniforms but vary in style according to the practice of origin. The most well-known type of these is the karate uniform or in Japanese the Karate Gi and the jiu-jitsu Gi or Kimono. Typically a Karate Gi will be a white cross over style jacket with elastic waist and draw string pants. A belt in the appropriate colour representing the practitioners rank and grade level accompanies most martial arts uniforms and the Karate Gi. Taekwondo uniforms may also sometimes use the karate style uniforms for training or a Korean style V-neck top uniform called in Korean a Dobok. Martial arts uniforms must be designed specifically for a type of martial arts activity. One thing all good martial arts uniforms must allow for and that is freedom of movement. If the martial art involves grappling, throwing and ground fighting then the uniforms need to be made of very tough material that can resist being grabbed and pulled. If the martial art is mostly stand up kicking and punching then it is most important that the uniform does not hold back speed and agility.

Belts & Badges
Belts for martial arts styles such as karate, judo, jiu-jitsu and taekwondo are very important because they mark the progress that a student of the martial arts has made. The order of the belt colours vary with different martial arts schools before reaching the most recognised highest level of the black belt. Quite often the martial arts coloured belts have a stripe of colour or tip on the end to represent a grade closer to the next full colour belt level. All the martial arts start with a white belt, which traditionally represents the pure innocence of the beginner starting out from scratch and ready to learn. Then the coloured belts vary quite a bit depending on the martial arts school’s grading system. Generally from lowest to highest are white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, red, brown and black. Embroidered sew on cloth badges are perfect for customising your uniform to express nationality, black belt and instructor status for tournaments and other official events. They also make iron on patches for future black belts and for little martial arts, Karate Kid style headbands.

MMA Mixed Martial Arts Clothes and Fightwear

The modern day mixed martial artist often has several sets of training and competition clothes and uniforms for every occasion for when doing an intense crossfit style workout, boxing or kickboxing in the ring, grappling or wrestling on the mats or for the most demanding challenge of all when fighting in a MMA cage. Mixed martial arts street wear clothes are generally just for casual wear on the way to the gym or to watch a MMA competition event or for light casual training. MMA Fightwear is more specifically designed to take the rigours of MMA intense training whilst providing complete freedom of movement and protection for the martial artist. When training or competing in Mixed Martial Arts only specifically designed MMA clothes can take the punishment and go the distance and allow peak performance. Hayabusa is known to have the top of line MMA gear that many of the top professionals swear by and is more thoroughly tested and researched than any other brand. Other MMA brands of high quality are Morgan, Smai and Dragon.

Womens Clothing
Women and girl fighters have a slightly different set of needs for martial arts clothing. There are different sizes for women as well as tailored means of protection. Shorts and crop tops are an excellent choice for female trainees. Crop tops are a good alternative to rash guards or an extra layer of support that can be worn alone or underneath uniforms and clothes. You can purchase sets of ladies gym sports crop tops and shorts. It is also possible to mix and match individual crop tops with various pairs of ladies pink boxing and kick boxing shorts. They even make pink hand wraps, kickboxing shorts, boxing boots, focus mitts and punching bags.

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