Martial arts shoes must always be comfortable and lightweight to allow the martial artist to move freely without slowing down their footwork.

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Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and boxing shoes are all designed for comfort and are lightweight so the martial artist or the boxers feet do not become heavy and restricted in their movements.

Experience tells us that one of the most important aspects of fighting is good footwork. In fact without good footwork you become a sitting duck and without good footwork you just cannot be where you need to be whether you are on the attack or the defence.

Martial arts and boxing shoes are designed to help you move around with your footwork by providing the right support for your feet and most importantly having the right amount of grip on the floor so you do not slip but can still pivot and turn without twisting your ankle or knee.

At Universal Self Defence you will find the right martial arts shoes for your needs whether that be for boxing, karate, taekwondo or kung fu.

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