The easiest and most economical way to purchase medicine balls is to buy a set of medicine balls so you have several different weights that you can use.

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Sets of leather medicine balls, rubber medicine balls, soft wall balls and double grip medicine balls are a much more economical and easier way to buy a set of the most popular size medicine balls. To have a total and varied workout with medicine balls you do need to have several different size medicine balls so buying a set of medicine balls makes real good sense.

Morgan Leather Medicine Balls - Set Of 3
This set consists of three of the most popular size leather Morgan Platinum medicine balls in the great looking two tone colours. They are all inner fleece filled for a softer feel so there are no problems if you drop the medicine ball on your foot. Boxers, martial artists and footballers like to let the leather medicines balls hit them in the stomach to condition themselves for impact so they do like to use the leather inner fleece filled medicines balls the most as they have a realistic body impact feel to them.

Rubber Medicine Balls - Set Of 4
The rubber medicine ball set has four of the most popular Morgan rubber medicine balls that bounce like a basket ball only they are a lot heavier with weights from 3 kg to 10 kg. Because the rubber medicine balls bounce you do not need a partner to throw the ball at you for a lot the medicine ball exercises as you can bounce the rubber medicine ball on the floor or off the wall and catch them.

Soft Wall Ball Sets
There are two soft wall ball sets to choose from, the Morgan Cross Fitness Wall Ball Soft Medicine Balls Gym - Set Of 4 and the Smai Cross Fitness Wall Balls Soft Medicine Balls Set Of 4. The two different wall ball sets are both good value and just offer different weight sizes and branding. All the wall balls are the same physical size about 14 inches or 34 cm wide even though they are different weights. The different weight are written on the balls and are different colours so it easy enough to tell them apart before you lift one up. Wall balls are often used for CrossFit core strength endurance training and are mainly thrown up onto a wall from a squat position and caught on the way back down again. Because these are the softest of all the medicine balls wall balls are also good for stretching and strengthening floor exercises.

Double Grip Rubber Medicine Balls - Set Of 2
The medicine ball set with the dual handles on the balls has one each of the most popular 5 kg and 10 kg Morgan double grip medicine balls sizes. The double grip handles allow to do a whole lot more exercise that the normal medicine balls and because of the handles you can also use the double grip medicine balls like you would a kettle bell hand weight. The handles increases the leverage and the range of motion and allows you more medicine ball exercise variations.

Medicine Ball Racks
Also while you are on the Universal Self Defence web site you might like to order a single column, double column or double sided medicine ball rack to keep all your medicine balls tidy as there is nothing worse than having your medicine balls all over the place.

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