The basic heavy leather medicine ball has a long history of being used in fitness gyms, boxing gyms and with the military and gymnastics fitness training.
Still to this day the leather medicine ball is a very popular instrument for developing core strength and endurance.

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Now the range of medicine balls to choose from and the variety of medicine balls is enormous and they are made just so they can be more user friendly and be specifically designed to allow a greater range of medicine ball exercises.

Leather Medicine Balls
Out of all the different types of medicine balls that are now available the good old fashion traditional leather medicine balls still feel the best when it comes to doing all your basic core strength fitness exercises.

Rubber Medicine Balls
If you want to do medicine ball exercises where you need to bounce the medicine ball then you need a rubber medicine ball so you can bounce the ball and catch it which can be very convenient if you do not have a partner to catch and throw the ball back at you.

Soft Wall Balls
There are also soft wall balls that are mostly used to throw up high against a wall from a deep squat position and catch it for more explosive dynamic strength and endurance. Its a simple exercise but it does a hell of lot for your core strength and endurance fitness.

Double Grip Medicine Balls
And you also have medicine balls with a double grip handle which make certain exercises easier and more user friendly and great for more functional fitness training as it open up a greater of movement and exercise much the same as you can so with kettle bells the centre of the medicine ball weight goes well beyond the reach of your hands creating more leverage.

Medicine Ball Sets
Buying sets of the different types of medicine balls is a much more convenient and economical so you have a set of different sizes with your favourite type of medicine balls. It is important for more functional fitness to have a varied workout with different sizes and types of medicine balls so you do need to have so buying medicine balls in sets a smart idea.