Hayabusa fight wear is specifically designed with the elite MMA fighter in mind for mixed martial arts training and competition when only the best MMA fight wear will do.

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Hayabusa for many years has been the premier brand when it comes to MMA fightwear and Hayabusa has also been one of the major sponsors of the UFC Ultimate Fighter Competition. Because Hayabusa maintains a very high quality standard with all their products and has produced many attractive designs, many of the UFC top fighters are happy to endorse and promote the Hayabusa fightwear product range. No other MMA brand puts as much scientific research, development, innovation and testing with their products in the way Hayabusa does. With the rigours of MMA training and competition the design of the fight wear makes a big difference with how long it lasts and how well it performs. It is not hard to see why Hayabusa is the leader in MMA fightwear with many of its unique innovative-patented designs and the expectation this creates to give the MMA fighter an edge by improving overall performance. The term MMA fightwear is really just a convenient way of referring to the all the various types of clothing and apparel that you may wear whilst training and competing in mixed martial arts. This includes MMA fight shorts and rash top guards because grappling and Jiu-Jitsu submissions are very popular with mixed martial artists. MMA fightwear generally does not include the MMA gloves and other protective sparring equipment. MMA fightwear also does not include the MMA clothes you may wear when you are travelling to the gym or what you may wear as a spectator at an MMA event, which is usually refer to as MMA casual street wear. MMA casual street wear clothing is not designed for MMA fighting or training in the gym. Knowing the difference between MMA fightwear, street wear and MMA gloves and training protective gear helps to find what you want and purchase the correct product designed for what you want to do.

Where To Purchase Hayabusa MMA Fightwear
At the Universal Self Defence web store you can easily buy online and have delivered to your door and choose from a range of Hayabusa fight wear clothing. There are a lot of cheaper MMA fightwear clothes on the market but in a long run you are better off paying a little extra for better quality gear when comes to martial arts clothes. If you are serious about your martial arts you want high performance gear that is going to last. And because you have pride in your achievements and what you can do you also want to look good too, so you can’t go wrong with the great original classy designs Hayabusa is most renowned for.

Hayabusa MMA Fightwear Sizing
Like all the martial arts clothing at Universal Self Defence you just need to click on the products, and read the full product description, which includes the size chart before you choose your product and size and make your purchase.

Hayabusa MMA Fight Shorts
Hayabusa provides you with everything that makes a great pair of MMA shorts. The two most important things a pair of MMA shorts needs to do is firstly, the shorts need to be able to hold their position and hang on tight without moving about in the most testing circumstances. Last thing you what is to have to adjust your shorts in the heat of the battle. The other most important requirement of MMA fight shorts is to allow you no restriction of your movements as you need total freedom of movement and not to be held back in anyway just because of your shorts. No-one understands these two fundamental requirements better that Hayabusa offering an exclusive guardlock inner grip waistband and super tough webbing and tie system to give you the perfect secure fit that will not move about. Also Hayabusa gives you the unrestricted freedom of movement you need with split side seams and professional performance stretch panel and reinforced stitching for ultimate strength and durability.

Hayabusa MMA Fight Rash Guards
Hayabusa rash guards have a very high tensile strength so they retain their shape and are engineered for the longest durability and functionality to maximize performance for workout after workout. They also give unprecedented protection against skin rashes and infections with their anti-microbial technology. The advanced Thermoregulation and breathability draws the sweat away from the body and keeps muscles at a nice even temperature, which makes them the perfect rash guard top for working out and rolling around on the mats.

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