MMA pants are no ordinary pants. When training in mixed martial arts you need a pair of high performing pants that not only keep up with the demands of the sport, they also need to be comfortable, non-restrictive, durable and look good too!

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The Dragon BJJ Jui-Jitsu Gi pants are made from 100 percent cotton drill 10 oz rip stop fabric and have an extra layer of material over the knee and surrounding leg area making them the perfect MMA Gi pants for mixed martial arts grappling, training and competition. The colour designs with the different colour thread and draw string make the Dragon competition BJJ Jiu-Jitsu pants look very professional and distinctive in the white, blue or black colours.

The Dragon kicking camo pants are a great looking pair of casual wear MMA pants with the boot camp camouflage design. They are just like a pair of karate Gi pants with the extra panel in the crutch area and they have a elastic and draw string waist so you are always ready to spring into your karate kicking action pose.

At Universal Self Defence you will find a great range of mixed martial arts clothes so you are sure to find the best MMA pants for your needs.

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