Multipurpose fitness training gym gloves can be used for everything from bike riding to CrossFit training and boot camp or for swinging a sledgehammer or punching a boxing speed ball.

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Versatile multipurpose protective gloves are great for keeping your sweaty hands off equipment and can help to give you a more reliable grip whilst protecting your hands from calluses and blisters.
Some multipurpose gloves have an extra long wide Velcro strap to give support to the wrists and so you can adjust the length of the wrist strap for a more secure fit.
To improve the grip and so you may have more feeling in your fingers multipurpose gloves often have the top of the fingers cut out. This also provides better ventilation which reduces sweating. Also to increase airflow many multipurpose gloves have breathing ventilation holes or a mesh type of fabric.
Multipurpose gloves have to be extra tough and pliable so leather is still the preferred choice with added patches in the main stress and work areas. Neoprene rubber is more flexible and supportive than leather but generally not as comfortable as your hands do sweat more with Neoprene rubber multipurpose gloves.

Cleaning Multipurpose Gloves
Multipurpose gloves can get pretty grimy but they are easy to hand wash with soap and warm water.
Do not throw your multipurpose gloves in the washing machine or clothes dryer as it is not good for the leather or neoprene rubber and the wrist strap can easily get caught up and tear the multipurpose gloves.
Leather or neoprene rubber multipurpose gloves also do not like cooking in the hot sun and drying out for too long so it is best to avoid the harsh direct sunlight.
You can give your leather multipurpose gloves a little treat every now and then with a little leather oil for a longer life.
By wearing cotton hand wraps or inner cotton gloves inside your multipurpose gloves you can often get away with just wiping your multipurpose gloves over with a clean damp cloth.
Never leave your sweaty damp multipurpose gloves in a sealed bag for any long period of time.
It is always best to keep your multipurpose gloves clean and dry and use a little anti-bacteria spray to kill off nasty bacteria that can cause a very unpleasant rotten old glove smell.

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