The punching bag has been the boxers best friend since the sport of boxing began. When a boxer chooses a punching bag it is almost like when he is chooses a friend. After all the punching bag is the one bit of equipment the fighter is probably going spend the most amount of time with, so making the right choice of punching bag is very important.

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There is a huge selection of punching bags to choose from at Universal Self Defence, ranging from ideal kids punching bags for personal home use to 6ft commercial gym quality punching bags. And there is not just the traditional round cylinder shape punching bags but also many different purpose built shapes and sizes which increases the hitting area on the punching bag and allows more angles in your punching combinations. The smaller punching bags come with heavy duty straps and steel rings for quick easy hanging whilst the bigger punching bags come with steel chains and swivels to lessen any twisting action out of the bag.

Traditionally most punching bags were made with either leather or canvas. Although leather punching bags are very tough and long lasting they do need extra maintenance and should be regularly oiled with leather oil. The problem with leather and canvas punching bags is they are harder to keep clean and when they absorb sweat they can become smelly and even have mildew, which is not a good look for a modern day gym. To solve this problem now most of the punching bags are made with thick heavy duty reinforced synthetic leather cover with a real leather feel or with UV stabilised and mildew resistant rip stop vinyl material. So now punching bags can easily be kept clean and looking good and the top quality ones can still be just as tough and long lasting as the real leather punching bags and cost a lot less too.

Whilst there have been many changes made with punching bag training over the years, the primal desire to hit a punching bag and the satisfaction you feel after a good hard hitting workout remain stronger than ever. With a huge increase in popularity, punching bag training is no longer only mostly enjoyed by boxers but anyone who wants to keep fit and have a good workout. Once upon-a-time it was considered very unladylike for the fairer sex to even throw a punch let along get stuck into a punching bag. It is nothing short of astounding how much times have changed especially with female involvement in all sports and boxing, martial arts and punching bag fitness training is no exception. In fact no women’s gym would look complete without punching bags to workout on. At Universal Self Defence the most popular girl’s punching bag for personal home use is the 1 metre long Morgan Girls Pink punching bag and the Morgan Girls Pink Punching Bags 4ft for gym or home use.

Punching Bags Shapes
Whilst the most popular punching bag shape is still the traditional round cylinder, there are many different purpose built punching bags shapes that are growing in popularity. The main advantage of having different shaped punching bags is they provide more realistic striking angles for various punches, kicks and elbow and knee striking. At Universal Self Defence you have some really well designed punching bags shapes such as teardrop, vertical uppercut, mushroom and the wrecking ball shape punching bags.

Most Popular Punching Bag Brands
The most popular punching bag brands available for purchase at the Universal Self Defence web store are Morgan punching bags and Smai punching bags. Both brands are very popular in many commercial gyms around Australia and are also a popular choice for the home gym as well.

Punching Bag Sizes
Sizing with punching bags usually starts at about 58-60 cm or 2ft then 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft, which are usually around 180cm long. You can have your punching bag as big as you like if you have a strong enough structure to hang it up. Make sure you have a builder or a knowledgeable handyman to help you hang your punching bag securely. The biggest advantage of having a longer punching bag is that multiple users of varying height can use the same punching bag without having to adjust the height. This is why you see mostly 4ft to 5ft punching bags used in boxing gyms and 5ft to 6ft in kickboxing gyms. For personal home use you only need a punching bag for boxing that is from your hip to the top of your head height or for kickboxing from your knee to the top of your head. But of course if you are going to have a few users then its best to have a punching bag long enough to suit everyone’s height so you don’t have to adjust the height of the bag.

Unfilled Empty Punching Bags
Buying your punching bag empty or unfilled is a great way to save on delivery costs and is extremely popular if you live in a remote country area where filled punching bags delivery costs are very expensive. If you live outside of Australia then purchasing unfilled punching bags from Universal Self Defence is the only way to go because it can be shipped by AirMail.

Filling Punching Bags
Filling the Morgan punching bags the same as is done in the factory is made easy as they all come with a wide zip top opening. Best way to fill punching bags is to pack down cut rags so the bag is firm all over with no air pockets. Plenty of cut rags are available from clothing manufacturers so go to your local industrial estate or look for them in the phone directory or google online. Also you can rip up your old clothes, towels and sheets or go to a secondhand clothes store as often people take old clothes there that are not fit for resale. If you want your punching bag to be lighter and softer you can pack some crumbled newspaper, old pillows and any foam pieces mixed with the cut rags mostly in the middle area. If you want the punching bag to be heavier you can fill a small strong inner bag with sand and put that in the middle of the punching bag. Never pack your punching bag with loose sand or sawdust, as it will become compact like cement which will stress the stitching in your punching bag and you really don’t want to be punching a bag that is as hard as concrete.

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