Using thick rubber band loops for resistance training is a very effective way of training for strength, flexibility, speed and endurance.

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Power resistance band rubber loops are one of the easiest a most convenient exercises devices you can ever use. And we are certainly not talking about a large piece of bulky exercise equipment when referring to resistance bands. You can just keep one in your top socks draw and pull it out and wrap it around a sturdy door handle or just put your foot in the loop and off you go, you are ready to workout with your rubber resistance band.

Do not be fooled that a rubber band loop cannot be a serious exercise device like using free weights. The Power Resistance Band Rubber Loops start with a resistance strength of 15 lbs and go all the way up to 100 lb resistance. Now just think about that, instead of working out with a 100 lb dead weight you can use the extra large power resistance band rubber loop.

You can also easily throw a couple resistance bands in your bag when traveling, whereas you would not even think of carrying heavy dead weights in your travel bag.

But do not use the rubber resistance bands just because they are convenient as they are also a very effect exercise devices for building strength, power, endurance and to increase your flexibility developing a bigger range of joint strength and mobility.

Resistance band loops are not only good for improving your current level of fitness, they are also often recommended by physiotherapists for rehabilitation purposes as the resistance bands are more effective, safer and easier to use than free weights.

There are also other types of very effective rubber resistance exercises devices such as the super sprint speed trainer and the super sling shot power resistance trainer that are used to increase your running speed, power and endurance. They are very easy to use and very portable so you can take one to the nearest park or open paddock to use. These sprint training devices work by putting on the waist belt that is attached to a long rubber resistance band and either attaching the waist belt at the other end to your partner or anchor it to an immovable post or tree or to a floor or wall anchor. Once you are attached you just run as hard as you can and let resistance of the sprint trainer make you work hard like you have never done before.

The ultimate resistance training system would have to be the High Intensity Rope Training System otherwise know as HIRTS. Watching the video you can see what a versatile and effective training tool HIRTS is and the results from using it are truly amazing.

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