Rubber medicine balls are perfect for when you require the medicine ball to bounce so you do not need a partner to throw it back to you.

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High quality Morgan rubber medicine balls in new 2 tone colours with the kilo weight measurement written on the balls are available from the Universal Self Defence web store.

The rubber medicine ball sizes increase as the weight increases so its easy to tell how heavy the rubber medicine balls are just by looking at them. If you want to train more for speed and endurance you will need to do a higher number of repetitions so grab the smaller size medicine ball. If you are feeling strong and you do not want to do a lot of reps then grab hold of the bigger medicine ball.

Morgan rubber medicine balls are a perfect medicine ball for personal home use and for the gym and are great to use when training with your core fitness power exercises.

The rubber medicine balls are inflated so they are designed to bounce. The rubber medicine balls are not however designed for slamming or bouncing on rough hard surfaces as that will reduce the life and damage the ball.

It is important not to over inflate the rubber medicine balls as they need to have a bit of give in them when bounced so over inflation will damage the ball.

The weight sizes of the Morgan rubber medicine balls start at 3 kg, then 4 kg, 5 kg and the biggest available is the 10 kg.

If you need a good looking, high quality, economical and durable rubber medicine ball then look no further than the Morgan rubber medicine balls.

Ordering a rubber medicine ball is very easy on the Universal Self Defence web site. The medicine ball prices increase depending on how large a size you order. It you require the complete set of the rubber medicine balls then its easier and cheaper to order the Rubber Medicine Balls - Set Of 4.

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