Boxers have always been a big fan of the jump rope as they know how critical it is to have the endurance to stay light on their feet right to end of the last round. Skipping rope is one of those invaluable exercises that will never go out of fashion.

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Jumping rope is very popular with many sports athletes when they need to be light, fast and agile on their feet. For a boxer footwork is one of the most important aspects of fighting. Not many people notice the vital part footwork plays, as they are too busy watching the punches. The jump rope is one of the best ways to improve footwork, rhythm and timing. Whichever fighter has the best footwork controls the distance between the two fighters giving them a huge advantage. When you control the distance and the pace of the fight with your footwork you can pretty much control the fight itself. With good footwork you are constantly in the right position to land your punches whilst being in the wrong position for when the opponent tries to land their punches. Skipping rope gives you the foot speed you need to have the superior footwork leaving many to wonder how you keep scoring on your opponent and winning your matches. With the art of boxing if you do not have good timing, rhythm and footwork then you cannot put yourself in a position to have an advantage over your opponent. This not only applies to the art of boxing but every martial artist and competitive athlete can gain an advantage by regularly training with a skipping rope.

Types of Skipping Jump Ropes
The most common type of skipping rope used for boxing training for many years has wooden handles with ball bearings and a leather rope and are still very much used today. At Universal Self Defence you can buy top quality leather skipping ropes, vinyl pvc nylex skipping ropes and high speed steel wire core cable skipping ropes. There are many different types of handles to make the skipping ropes easier and more comfortable to hold or to add extra weight to work your wrists and forearms using weighted handles. If you really want an intense skipping workout try the 10ft Thick Grip Pull Up & Skip Fitness Ropes which adds weight to the whole rope so you do not have to skip for very long to get a full endurance workout. Many of the skipping ropes are adjustable by pushing the rope through the bottom of the handle. Crossfit trainers like the new style of wire core skipping ropes because they are twist and kink resistant which increases the speed and the reliability when doing super fast skipping.

Jump Rope Training
It is very important to wear good impact absorbing shoes when skipping rope and to skip on a smooth surface that is not too hard like a sprung timber floor if possible. Skipping barefoot on rough hard concrete is a very bad idea because you can not only damage your skipping rope but worst of all the constant hard jarring impact on your body is the best way to cause long term damage to your joints and give you very painful shin splints.
When you jump rope it is always best to start with one simple jump per turn of the rope to establish the correct rhythm. If you are just starting out do not be discouraged how clumsy you will feel at your first attempts and avoid having a friend watching who cannot control their laughter every time you trip up as that does not do wonders for your confidence. When first learning to skip try just jumping one single turn of the rope and do not double jump. Do just one jump per turn of the rope. Then when that feels too easy try counting how many successful turns of the rope you can do in a row without tripping up. Once you can go past about 10 turns of the rope in a row you will have established your rhythm and timing. You will not believe how easy it is to jump rope once you get your rhythm going.
To refine your skipping rope jumping, and to have a faster smoother pace, only jump as high as you need to and do not turn your whole arm. Hold your hands just out from your hips and let your wrists do the work. To get the position of your hands just right image and aim for the spot where you want the rope to hit the floor just in front of your feet. The spot where you want the rope to hit the floor varies according to how long your rope is.
Skipping to music can be very beneficial, not only because it makes it more pleasurable, it also helps you time your workouts and particularly when you first start out skipping, music can help you establish and keep your rhythm.

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