Skipping rope is often recommended as a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. But there is so much more to skipping rope that just improving your circulation.

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Skipping rope also builds stronger bones and increases muscle strength and dynamic explosiveness. When you regularly skip rope it makes you much lighter and quicker on your feet and improves your rhythm and timing as well as your reflexes and eye co-ordination. Skipping rope is not only a great way to improve your general fitness; it also increases your confidence and skill level with many other physical activities.
Skipping rope can also be customised to suit your fitness goals. If you wish to increase your foot speed then you can vary your footwork, skipping and shuffling forward and back and switching feet and skipping faster for shorter periods and having longer rests. If you want to work on endurance then you skip for longer with shorter breaks. You can also lift your knees up high for more endurance and/or use a heavy fitness rope or a skipping rope with weighted handles will also test your endurance fitness and give your wrists and forearms a good workout too.
To improve your rhythm, timing and eye co-ordination skipping to your favourite music helps you to relax and feel the rhythm more. Also try turning the rope twice to one jump and other more challenging moves like the crossing over of the arms and swinging the rope on the sides. When crossing your arms you have to throw your hands lower so you can still clear the rope.

Why Practice Skipping?
Once you realise the benefits of skipping, the real question should be why not practice skipping rope? After all skipping ropes would have to be one of the easiest, most convenient and effective pieces of exercise equipment ever invented. It is not real hard to keep your favourite skipping rope in your gym bag so you always have it during your regular workouts and it is easy to take with you even when you are traveling light.

Skipping Ropes Tips
The best tip for skipping ropes is to wear impact-absorbing shoes and avoid skipping with cold muscles on hard surfaces like concrete. The right amount of regular impact is what you are after. Skipping regularly with moderate impact is a great way to strengthen your bones, joints and muscles. High impact on bones that have not been regularly conditioned is a great recipe for shin splints, which you do not want.
Always time your skipping so you know you are getting the right amount. What you do after you are tired is what makes you stronger so do not stop as soon as you get a little puffed.
Skipping with music is recommended to help rhythm, timing and enjoyment.

Types of Skipping Ropes
At Universal Self Defence online store you can buy many different types of skipping ropes. There is the traditional wooden handle leather skipping ropes with high speed ball bearings are still popular. Also you have the pvc handles with nylon ropes which do the job just as well. Skipping ropes with weighted handles really work your forearms to a higher degree and the crossfit style wire cable skipping ropes are extra fast and do not kink. There are many different types of handles to hold onto to suit personal choice but they are all easy enough to hold and rotate in your hand. Skipping rope technology has improved somewhat over the years but it is still not exactly rocket science. Basically the modern day skipping ropes are just a great old idea made even better.

Leather Skipping Rope Maintenance
Leather skipping ropes, being leather, need a little maintenance as they can get dry and stiff so it is good to regularly apply a little leather oil.

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