Sledgehammers can be quite a remarkable fitness training tool when working with a qualified fitness trainer.

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Swinging a sledgehammer for core strength fitness training is every bit of challenge and as powerful as it looks and is not something you want to try without having a qualified personal fitness trainer showing you exactly how to do it properly and to workout what is the ideal size sledgehammer for you to start with.

Purpose built fitness training sledgehammers generally start from 6 kg in weight then 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg and right up to the 40 kg size can be found at the Universal Self Defence web store.

Sledgehammer fitness training for martial artists works much the same way as boxers use to swing an axe to chop wood, only swinging the sledgehammer is a lot heavier and more physically demanding and one of the best things about swinging a sledgehammer for fitness training over chopping wood is you do not have to clean up all the timber when you are done. The fitness sledgehammer is usually swung onto a very large tracker or earth moving truck tyre as you need plenty of rubber to absorb the impact. The technique of swinging a sledgehammer is extremely important as you do not want to become the victim of a blow from the sledgehammer going out of control and rebounding off the rubber tyre so the bigger the tracker or truck tyre the better so it is easy to hit and can absorb more of the impact.

The fitness benefits of swinging the sledgehammer are enormous and are generated from the ground up as it gives you a very solid base with great balance and control as you use the driving strength of your legs and your rotational abdominal, back and shoulder muscles to swing and drive the weight of the sledgehammer accurately to the mark as you pull one hand down the handle to meet the other with perfect timing to improve the momentum.

Sledgehammer fitness training is a very functional strength and endurance fitness exercise for wrestlers, boxers, martial artists, football players and any athlete who is striving for a more solid base together with control, balance, strength, timing and accurate striking power which are the same essential components you need to dominate and overpower the opposition.

There are several ways you can vary swinging the sledgehammer for different results to engage the rotational muscles in a more lateral motion, but again technique is everything, so make sure you consult your qualified coach or trainer before trying any variations that you are not familiar with.

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