Soft wall balls are perfect for when you require a really soft medicine ball which is much more user friendly to exercise with and throw onto a wall and catch on the way down.

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Morgan and Smai soft wall balls in various 2 tone colours are basically just a really soft medicine ball with the kilo weight measurement marked on the balls and are all available from the Universal Self Defence web store.

All the wall balls are made the same size which is approximately 14 inches or 34 cm wide across the ball. Make sure you always read what weight is written on the wall ball before you lift it because even though your wall balls come in different weights they are all the same physical size. If you want to train more for endurance you will need to do a higher number of repetitions so grab the lighter size wall ball. If you are feeling strong and want to train to be more dynamic and explosive and you do not want to do a lot of reps then pick up one of the heavier wall balls.

Morgan and Smai soft wall ball medicine balls are a perfect medicine ball for personal home use exercises and for group training in the gym and are great to use when training in conjunction with your CrossFit core fitness power exercises. The main wall ball exercise is usually performed from the squat position throwing the wall ball up high against the wall and then catching the ball on the way down. Sounds easy and simple but once you do a few repetitions of throwing the wall ball up and catching it again from the squat position you soon realise what a gruelling and exhausting exercise it can be.

The wall balls do not bounce like a rubber ball. The soft wall balls are not designed for slamming or bouncing off on rough hard surfaces as that will reduce the life and damage the ball.

The weight sizes of the wall balls start at 3 kg, then 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg and the biggest available is 15 kg.

If you need a good looking, high quality, economical and durable soft wall ball then look no further than the Morgan and Smai medicine balls.

Ordering a wall ball is very easy at the Universal Self Defence web site. The wall ball prices increase depending on the weight size you order. It you require a complete set of the wall balls then its cheaper and easier to buy either the Morgan Cross Fitness Wall Ball Soft Medicine Balls Gym - Set Of 4 or the Smai Cross Fitness Wall Balls Soft Medicine Balls Set Of 4.

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