Protective gear is important for most types of martial arts and self-defence. For example official tournaments will not allow students to participate if they are not outfitted with the correct protective gear.

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Depending on your martial arts style different pieces of equipment may be needed, be it karate, taekwondo, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing or MMA mixed martial arts or Universal Self-Defence. Different options for various levels of protection are offered such as gloves, mitts and hand wraps, body armour, arm and leg protectors, head and mouth guards, as well as dipped foam protectors. Whether you are engaging in a full contact cage battle or training a group of people the basics of self-defence, you can find the training equipment that you need at Universal Self Defence. Just think of all that sparring without getting injured because you are wearing the right protective gear!

Head & Mouth Guards
In order to prevent death or serious brain damage it may be a good idea to invest in some type of head and mouth guard protection. Many fighting apparel companies sell well made head guards like Morgan, Dragon and Smai. For maximum protection, always ensure that the head guard is adjusted so you have a good field of vision and it is not too tight or loose. Choosing the style of head guard gear often depends on the type of sparring and how much protection you require. Head guards can be open face, full face and may also have an added mask. Generally speaking, there is always a compromise in that the more protection you have the less vision and the bigger target your head is. For this reason experienced fighters tend not to like the headgear with the added face mask, where as fighters who are just starting out like all the protection they can get. Another key part of protecting the head are mouth guard protectors which not only protect the teeth but they also reduce the risk of concussions from the lower jaw slamming into the TJM, base of the brain and skull. The better mouth guards like Brain-Pad have shock a absorbing gel insert and protect both the top and bottom of the teeth and have breathing channels so you can breath with your teeth clenched which prevents getting hit with the mouth being open and loose.

Gloves, Mitts & Hand Wraps
There are many different kinds of gloves that can be used for martial arts and boxing. There is everything from bag gloves, boxing gloves and hand wraps; to MMA gloves, weight lifting gloves and multi-tasking gloves. They are worn to decrease hand injuries during a bout or when hitting a punching bag or other target. They also reduce the likelihood of superficial head injuries although they do not fully protect against brain damage. Boxing gloves come in different sizes from 8 oz. to 16 oz. and some smaller sizes 2, 4 & 6 oz. for children. Hand wraps provide an additional layer of protection underneath gloves and are also good for practicing with punching bags, focus pads and other targets. MMA gloves are designed for both punching and grabbing and are very good to use as cross training gloves as well as MMA sparring. Some of the best brand name gloves are available at Universal Self Defence Morgan, Dragon and Smai with some great looking colour designs.

Body Armour
Usually these types of things are used to prevent injury of the trainer during practice. Body guards and target training suits are used by experienced coaches. They are carefully designed to absorb a lot of impact, which is great for professional athletes and personal trainers. It is an ideal method for fighters to practice their technique on a moving target. The Morgan Gel Enforced Body Guard Protector has shock absorbing Gel Enforced body protector guards that are designed with a layer of cell foam. The Full Body Guard Protective Training Suit is designed for overall top to bottom protection in mind. To prevent injury from kicks Taekwondo practitioners quite often wear a lighter type of chest guard and body protector for sparring and competition.

Arm & Leg Protectors
In many instances the martial arts call for arm and leg protectors like for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, karate, Taekwondo and Universal Self Defence. The items are usually worn to protect the person sparring but in some cases the trainer makes use of them as well. There are two categories of extremity protection. You have your elbow, knee and ankle protectors. Then you have your shin, instep, foot and forearm protectors. The beginner will likely be fine using dipped foam shin guards, foot guards and forearm protectors. The more experienced athlete may want to invest in professional grade 100% leather shin and instep guards for contact sparring and elasticised ankle protection and padded elbow guards when they need to protect or prevent injuries.

Dipped Foam Protectors
Dipped foam equipment is a favourite of trainers and coaches in many gymnasiums because it is durable and economical. Dipped foam head guards, sparring boots, shin guards, hand guard gloves and forearm protectors are light, easy to clean and ideal for all of the martial arts. They are designed for best ventilation and protection using the thickest dipped foam available. Dipped foam equipment comes in plain colours making it easy to customize with dojo stickers. These items can be purchased individually and also in the Dipped Foam Protector Packs from Universal Self Defence.

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