At Universal Self Defence we know a fair bit about strike, bump and hit shields since we have been whacking into strike shields with our martial arts and self defence training since 1983.

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Over time we have learnt with any type of striking hit shield it needs to be designed just as much for the holder as it does for the person hitting the shield. Whether you are boxing, kicking or bumping into the hit shield preparing your body for the impact of a full contact football match the principle is the same.

For football training a good hit shield starts with specially cut high density impact absorbing foam that does not compress too much and rebounds quickly back into shape. Next the hit shield needs to be quick, easy and comfortable to hold in several positions for hitting the shield at different heights and different angles, much the same as you would expect to be impacted on the football field. And last but not least you need the hit shield to be long lasting and durable so it can be bumped and whacked again and again.

At Universal Self Defence the football training hit shields are made just as tough and with the same materials used for the toughest martial arts competitors kick pads and strike shields. To reduce the impact on muscles and joints and for the comfort of the holder only the best high quality foam is used. The hit shields handles are well positioned so they are easy to grip and hold in several positions so you can hold either to the front of your body so the holder can also receive some impact conditioning or to the side of your body to reduce the overall impact on the holder. The rip stop vinyl covers are extra strong and tough so you get a much longer life from your football hit shield when you buy them from Universal Self Defence.

Types of Strike, Bump & Hit Shields
There are various types, shapes and sizes with football strike, bump and hit shields. Most common type of hit shield sold at Universal Self Defence is a curved rectangular shape. There is a rectangular junior strike shield size with softer foam and a rectangular strike shield heavy duty senior size and another senior size rectangular strike shield that is extra heavy duty with very high density foam specially made for the big hitters. Also the round strike shields are very heavy duty that you can have either foam filled or rag filled. The foam filled is light and easy to hold and the rag filled hard and heavy which does not absorb as much impact but very good for more solid impact and endurance conditioning. Even the holders endurance is tested with the heavier rag filled round strike shields and it is often held on the stomach to impact condition the stomach area too. More traditional L-shape bump shields are also available in both the large senior size and small size for juniors and the more modern diamond shape with side handles rugby hit shields. There is also available a made to order extra large strike shield with numerous handles so it allows very versatile holding angles for 1 or 2 holders and/or 1 or 2 hitters.

Using the Strike, Bump & Hit Shields
Most important thing with hit shields for football training is to make sure the holder is evenly matched or ideally bigger and stronger than the player hitting the shield or there will not be enough resistance and the holder may even get bowled over or knocked about too much. It is important the holder is prepared and braces themselves for the impact and makes sure there is not someone standing behind them or any object like a wall close by that the holder maybe flown back into. All the football hit shields are made with very tough rip stop vinyl that is easy to keep clean. Just sponge down with warm water, detergent and a little disinfectant, wipe dry and you are right to go again for your next football training session. For quick and easy storage and transport you can also purchase an extra large mesh sports bag that holds up to 5 strike hit shields.

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