If you do not have a place to hang your punching bag to a sturdy load bearing overhead beam or wall then using a target station stand to hang your punching bag and boxing ball is your answer.

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2 and 3 target station stands are an easy and convenient way to hang your boxing balls and punching bags.

At Universal Self Defence you can order the target station stand only to hang your favourite punching bag and boxing ball on or you can buy the stand complete with punching bag and boxing balls included.

The target station stands are very sturdy and free standing so they can moved to another location with a little muscle and not much trouble. To help make the stands more stable there are a couple of shafts on the base that you can put weight plates on to weight it down more.

Also available and a great idea are the multipurpose post pads strike pads which can be used as a type of target station stand with the added benefit of covering up a dangerous post that people can accidentally run into.

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