Timers are essential for CrossFit and gym training and for most indoor or outdoor sports for both training and for matchplay when time is a critical factor whether you win or lose or whether you are fit or unfit.

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Digit display timers designed for CrossFit training that can also be used for general gym and sports training are available for purchase at the Universal Self Defence web store. The timers are very accurate to 100th of second and the LED lit timer digits can be seen from up to 100 metres away.
The timers can be used for numerous sports training programs and competition matchplay. Most of the timers come with a remote control and have numerous programmable features.
Whenever you have a dependable accurate digital timer, a minute is a minute and every second is counted whether you are in competition or just working out.

Digital Smai Boxing Timer
There is also a timer used to specifically time boxing rounds for two or three minute rounds and for the 30 seconds or 60 seconds rest time in between rounds. The boxing timer has a handy pause button for any stoppages or timeout by the referee. And the boxing timer allows you to count down or up and you have a reset button so you can easily reset the time and go again. Good timing can mean everything when boxing in order to use your energy wisely for the length of the 2 or 3 minute rounds whilst dictating and controlling the pace of the fight. Using the boxing timer not only for boxing matches but for training as well helps the fighter be able to time his fitness and fight strategy perfectly.

Gym Boss Timer
The Gym Boss Timer is a more portable compact timer designed for the coach or trainer so they can easily keep the workout on time and on track. The Gymboss timer stopwatch is small and compact so its great for coaches and trainers that are always on the move.
By accurately timing different stages of the workout it makes it much easy to monitor, test, plan and set goals which will maximise the results of any fitness training program.

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