If you cannot hang a boxing or martial arts target to a sturdy load bearing overhead beam then using a wall mounted target maybe your best solution.

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Wall mounted targets are all designed to condition and develop your boxing and martial arts striking skills.

At Universal Self Defence there is a variety of wall mounted targets designed for boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Kung Fu and Taekwondo.

Punch, Uppercut & Knee Wall Unit

The punch, uppercut and wall units are often used by boxers, kick boxers and MMA fighters as it offers several very solid well padded targets at various angles so is great for working combination striking at different angles and is very popular to use for boxing combinations drills with hooks, uppercuts and the straight punches.

Speed Ball Wall Mounted Platform Hanger
Inflated speed balls attached via a swivel on wall mounted platform are most popular with boxers and are also used for fitness training and martial arts for hand and eye co-ordination, timing and endurance.

The boxing speed ball platforms height is adjustable, so when you put them up and fix them to the wall the height does not have to be exact since you can adjust it after.

Wall Mounted Single Target

The paddle shape wall mounted single target stand is used mostly for Taekwondo style kicking to develop more speed and accuracy as the target is light and bends without much resistance and springs straight back into place again. The paddle shape target is excellent for developing lightly fast accurate kicks and when the target is wall mounted you can train anytime you like without having to have a partner to hold the target for you.

Wall Mounted Wooden Kung Fu Dummy
The Kung Fu wooden dummy that mounts onto the wall is great for Kung Fu style blocking, counterattacking and conditioning. A quick word of advise though, when using a wooden Kung Fu dummy, unless your bones are as hard and as tough as the Kung Fu dummy timber to start out with it is advisable to either wear some foam padding for protection &/or put some foam padding on the wooden dummy.

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