Two very important things you need to do when setting up a football field. First of all you need to mark out the field clearly so the players, officials and spectators know exactly where they are at. And then you need to workout the best field positions and the best way to advertise your sponsors.

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Football field line marking advertising foam wedge banners are the perfect solution for both marking out your football field and for advertising your sponsors.

Any football field line marker, sign or banner that players, officials, cameramen or spectators may run into for safety reasons must be made with high impact absorbing foam which can actually prevent injuries as the foam wedge banner is much softer than hitting the ground.

Using high density Australian made foam makes the wedge banners better able to absorb more impact and heavy enough so there is no real need to tie them down, useless it is extremely windy day, then there are tie downs loops on both end of the foam wedge banners that you can use to secure the banner down.

At Universal Self Defence we offer the highest quality triangular Australian foam filled vinyl covered wedge banners for rugby league and rugby union football field line marking and for all sorts of other sporting and promotional events in 1 metre, 2 metre or 3 metre lengths.

You can either order just the plain wedge banners with no printing and apply your own outdoor vinyl stickers onto the banners which can workout more economical for a smaller number of banners or you can request a quote for Universal Self Defence to have your wedge banners custom printed for you.

As the foam wedge banners are Australian made to order please allow 1-2 weeks for plain wedge banners without printing or 2-3 weeks for wedges banners with custom printing.

The most popular line markers for Rugby Union football are for the 22 metre line and the half way 50 metre line. For Rugby League football the line marker foam wedge banners are generally used for the 20 metre line and the 50 metre half way line.

The sponsors or club logos generally go on either side of the 20m, 22m or 50m line mark printing which is generally in the middle of the foam wedge banner.

The wedge banners are usually printed the same on both sides for maximum impact value so it is impossible for the spectators, officials and players not to see not only the line mark but also whatever proud sponsor is lucky enough to be on the banner.

When it is football try time the goal post pads and corner post pads no doubt take centre stage and are the best advertising but for most of the game the two opposing football teams are battling for field position so there is much more attention placed on the foam wedge line markers.

At Universal Self Defence you can have custom printed all the vinyl covered foam products you need to cover your whole football field with the best colour co-ordinated design to create an overall theme with maximum impact, including foam wedge banners, goal post pads and corner post pads.

Another great idea to use and also available are the very handy Fold Away Safety Advertising Triangle Banners - 2 Metres. Particularly if you need your wedge banners to be more portable, then being able to fold up the triangle banners means they will take up much less storage space and they are easier to carry more at the same time.
Only plain black colour Fold Away Safety Advertising Triangle Banners with no printing are available from Universal Self Defence which are ideal for putting your own outdoor vinyl stickers on for line marking and for your club logo and sponsor promotions.

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