These Olympic rubber plates are no ordinary bumper plates, they have a solid steel insert and are specifically made for Olympic weight lifting and CrossFit training.

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Olympic bumper weight plates have a 2 inch or 51 mm bumper plate collar opening and are the IWF standard 45 cm in diameter.

Bumper rubber plates are designed to be dropped onto a heavy duty rubber/plywood weightlifting lifting platform. If you drop your bumper plates on any other type of floor surface they will become damaged and will not have a very long life.

There are many different types of Olympic bars you can use with the Olympic size bumper weight plates.

Depending on how many bumper weight plates you may need it is much easier and cheaper to order one of the 100 kg or 150 kg sets of Olympic bumper weight plates.

If you need to order 35 to 40 kg or more of weight plates ask Universal Self Defence for a delivery cost freight quote as the shopping cart postage cost will not be accurate as large bulky oversized orders cannot be posted.

Also consider buying a bumper plate rack stand as bumper plates lying on the floor look very untidy and are much harder to lift up.

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