The innovation of weight training bags has come a long way since the traditional strongman fitness training, where you would run around the field carrying a couple of sacks of potatoes or sandbags over your shoulders. The basic principle is still the same, when you carry more weight your physical condition vastly improves and you are able to stay much stronger for longer.

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The main problem with the old potato bag or sandbag training is it was very awkward to hold and to carry, and there were not whole lot of variations you could do in the way you hold the bag and swing it around, so there was a very limited amount of exercises you could do with an old style potato sack or sandbag.
Now the weight training bags you can buy at Universal Self Defence come in many different shapes and sizes and with a combination of handles designed to make it much easier to carry, lift and swing the bag in many more different ways. These new innovative weight training bags open up a whole new way of weight training giving you vastly improved results in your lateral strength and mobility fitness levels.
The handles on the weight training bags allow you to hold and swing the bag similar to using a kettle bell weight. Only the weight training bags are much better than traditional solid iron weights as you can throw and carry the softer weight training bags comfortably onto your shoulders and no harm done if you bang yourself in the knee or drop the bag on your toes.
Also the handles are fantastic for rotating and swinging the weight training bags laterally, which sends your mobility, balance and strength levels through the roof. For many athletes such as martial artists and footballers lateral strength is the main ingredient to gain an advantage when competing for positional play with your opponent.
So it has become quiet apparent there is a lot more to gain from weight training bags that just core strength and endurance. The fitness training possibilities are really endless but of course you will want to focus on what is best for your needs and fitness level goals and this is where the advice of a good fitness training coach is invaluable. You do not have to have a personal trainer watching your every move all the time but you are well advised to at least spend sometime with a qualified trainer especially to start out with. With the help of a qualified trainer you will be able to establish the best program that works for you, and the trainer will be able to help you make sure your technique is correct to ensure you have the safest and most effective workouts.

Types of Weight Training Bags
The Universal Self Defence online store is a great place to shop for a well-designed good quality weight-training bag. All the weight training bags have handles so they are easy to hold and so you can comfortably do all your favourite weight training bag exercise maneuvers. You can buy the weight training bags filled or empty and save heaps on delivery cost. Weight training bags are not hard to fill yourself with cut rags and a strong weighted sandbag in the middle of the bag so they are soft and heavy. You can buy empty weight training bags from Universal Self Defence that come with the tough empty inner sandbags.
Another great idea, which you can also get from Universal Self Defence, is the Morgan unfilled sand bag training weights 5kg pair. They work the same as a pair of hand weights or kettle bells so you can do all your favourite kettle bell or dumbbell exercises and more. The best part about these empty sand bag hand weights is their portability. You can take them anywhere empty and then easily fill them up with sand or round pebbles when you get to your destination. You can also go for a run along the beach and then easily fill the bags with sand, have your weight training workout in the great outdoors and then empty the bags and run back again. Or you can do the same running in your favourite park or other outdoor workout area.
Another very popular and versatile weight training bag is the Bulgarian style training bag. The Bulgarian bag has several different types of handles so you can swing the bag around in many different directions and angles. The unique shape of the Bulgarian style bag makes it much easier to sit and balance the bag on your shoulders or around your neck. The Bulgarian bag was first introduced with much success training the Bulgarian wrestling team. The fitness levels of competitive wrestling teams are second to none and give a resounding endorsement to the effectiveness of working out with weight training bags.

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