There is no doubt weight training is the best fitness training there is.
In fact it is impossible to exercise and strengthen muscles unless you are working against some form of weight resistance.

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When astronauts first experienced long periods of weightlessness it was quite shocking to see the effects on the human body.
After breaking new records for time in space, the astronauts had to be carried out of their capsules being so weak from the lack of exercise they could hardly walk.

Fortunately here on earth we have gravity, which gives us our own body weight to carry around, otherwise without some form of weight resistance exercise our muscles would waste away very quickly.
Weight training is simply adding more weight to your natural body weight to force your muscles to work harder to provide the best way to create real strength and improve your fitness.

Many people believe you have to spend many hours a day in a gym to get real results from weight training.
This maybe true if you are competing in a body building contest but for most people who do weight training in addition to their chosen sport or fitness program, just 20 to 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week weight training can dramatically improve not only muscle strength but also increase bone density and joint mobility.

Weight training has many other added benefits to your general health and well being.
When you see your muscle tone and appearance improve it can give a real added boost to your confidence and belief in your own ability.

Everyones needs, goals and fitness levels are different so that is why it is very important that you seek professional advice on what is right for you and on the correct technique when weight training.
Also choosing the right weight training equipment for what you wish to achieve is just as important.
A good personal trainer will make sure you are using the right amount of weight and number of repetitions.
This will help you achieve the best results without injury strain.
Even the most experienced weight training athletes will consult regularly with expert trainers to see if they can improve their technique or to change their training methods for better results.

Weight training also helps martial artists who wish to maintain peak physical condition and expand and maintain their martial arts skills.
Weight training is absolutely essential for all athletes who wish to compete at a high level.

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Weight Training Tips
When you are weight training it is important not use a weight that is too heavy so always start with a lighter weight first.
After 10 to 12 repetitions if you feel it is too easy then start to gradually increase the weight.
If you cannot make it to 10 repetitions then decrease the weight.
The old saying no pain no gain can get you into all sorts of trouble so is better to say no strain no gain and always stop before the point of pain.
Do not stop as soon as you get tired as it is mostly what you do after you get tired that makes you stronger.
Breathing heavy and sweating is all good, but if you are that short of breath that you cannot talk or whistle then you need to slow down.
You also need to replace the fluid loss by drinking water before, during and after your workout.
It is better to have small drinks often to replace fluid rather than having the irregular big drink.
When you get thirsty means you should have had a drink 20 minutes ago so do not wait until you get thirsty.
It is much better to start drinking water 30 minutes before you know you are going to need to replace the fluid.