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Size: Junior or Senior
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High quality Morgan Gel Injected Neoprene boxing knuckle guard pads (pair).
* Strong stretchable Neoprene material outer casing with 1 cm of high impact silicone gel for greater knuckle protection.
* Latest gel injected padding technology around knuckle area for more impact absorbing protection where you really need it.
* Features an internal grip bar and grip flex expansion points for added fist support and a more comfortable fit and also encourages making the correct fist formation.
* Quick and easy to slip straight on and take off and can be worn inside boxing gloves for added knuckle and joint protection.
* Ideal knuckle guard pads for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and boxing fitness training.
* Can be worn inside boxing gloves or on their own.

Knuckle Guards Sizes:
Junior size for kids and women with small hands.
Senior adult size for teenagers and adults with medium to large hands.

Using stretchable neoprene and the latest shock absorbing Gel technology together to give you extra protection over your knuckles when punching makes a whole lot of sense.

Once you try Morgan GEL Injected knuckle guards you will not want to use anything else to quickly slip on and protect the knuckle area on your hands as they are quicker and more convenient to put on and offer very effective protection particularly if you like long punching workouts and do not want to wear out your knuckles.

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