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How much will shipping delivery cost?
How long will it take to deliver my order?
Is it safe & secure to shop on your web site?
Where is your shop or store located?
What product size do I need?
What is a Wishlist?
Are there Universal Self Defence or martial arts classes near me?
Who can learn Universal Self-Defence?
How long does it take to learn Universal Self Defence?
Why do I need to learn Universal Self-Defence?
Do you have to be physically fit to start?
Are there many injuries with Universal Self Defence training?
What are some of the benefits of Universal Self Defence training?
I have never done any Martial arts before, do you have beginners classes?
What if I have had some martial arts experience?
How much does it cost to join your self defence classes?
When, where and how can I join?
Who is the Instructor?
Is learning Universal Self-Defence a safe activity for my child and can the classes be at all dangerous?
Do you teach martial arts weapons such as the Bo, Sai etc. ?
What is the oldest and youngest member to achieve a Black Belt?
What different coloured belts do you have and how many grades up to Black Belt?
How often do you have gradings?
How long does it take to get a Usda Black Belt?
Are Usda gradings, classes and other events open to the public?
Can you teach me everything online?
Why don't I get what I want when I click...?
Can you add, remove or correct something on your site?
How often do you update your website?
What are your Terms and Conditions?