For all the available sizing information please click on the product page to see the available size options and read the full product details and have a look under the products description tab for the product dimensions or for a size chart guide.

Clothing & Martial Arts Uniform Sizes
With clothing products as a general rule with sizes XS, S/Small, M/Medium, L/Large, XL/X-Large, just have a look what most of the clothing size tags are on the clothes in the cupboard at home or at the department store with the clothes that are a good fit.

Most martial arts uniforms size charts go more on your body height and are designed to fit the average medium build person. If you have a broad build then favour a larger size. For a slim build favour the smaller size if you are near the bottom of the size height range.

Martial Arts Sparring & Protective Gear Sizes
With sparring guards and protection for your head, hands, feet, shins, forearms, knees, elbows etc; if for example you usually take a size M/Medium with clothing and the body part you wish to protect is in proportionate size to the rest of your body then your product size should also be a size M/Medium.
If you have relative to your overall body size big or small feet, hands, arms, legs or head then go for a bigger or smaller size.

With gloves some size charts measure the full circle right around the knuckle area. Again if you usually take a size M/Medium with clothing and you have proportionately average size hands then your gloves size should be M/Medium too.

Boxing gloves sizes are measured by weight in oz ounces so the heavier the gloves the bigger the boxing gloves sizes are. With the easy to adjust Velcro wrist strap attachment you are most likely to fit into 3 different boxing gloves sizes. Generally for more impact protection and endurance training you may favour the bigger heavier gloves, for more speed and light contact training you may prefer the smaller lighter gloves.

Other Product Sizes
Product pages that do not have size options often have product dimensions. Always compare dimensions using a measuring tape with similar objects you have available and take the time to envisage how big the product is and if that is the right size for your needs.

Do not try to estimate size just by looking at a product photo.

It is also a good idea if you know or see someone else in your club or gym to ask them what size they have but only if you know for sure they have the same product.

If you need further help with product sizing you only need to ask via our web site contact page and state the exact product name or product code and give your height, weight and body build e.g slim medium or broad.