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Code: CF-7-MB
Colour: blue or red
Size: 0.8mm or 1.0mm thickness
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only
Min order quantity: 2

High quality Morgan SINGLE micro glute resistance band.
* Please order a minimum of 2 glute bands or more.
* Choose size and colour, 0.8 mm thick blue band or 1.0 mm thick red band.
* Approximately 23 cm in diameter wide when not stretched.
* Bands can be stacked together for more powerful resistance and can also be looped together for added length and exercise versatility.
* Designed to strengthen, tone, build, rehabilitate and improve muscle endurance with the most effective exercise workouts specifically targeting and isolating glutes, hips, legs or shoulders.
* Made from long lasting high grade latex rubber compounds.

These Morgan Micro Glute Bands or AKA 'Booty Bands' are a very popular exercise tool that will help you build strength and joint stability across your upper and lower body whilst using the Morgan Microbands.
The continuous 23 cm wide loop makes them perfect for targeting the hip-glute complex, legs and shoulders with lateral movements, resisted squats, forward-backwards leg extensions or shoulder stabilisation exercises.

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