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Colour: black
Size: Small to X-Large
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Professional quality Morgan FIN style Shark weightlifting gloves.
* Made extra tough and durable using Lycra, rubber, Neoprene and real leather
* Unique secure closure and support system with three different Velcro points giving maximum wrist support.
* 32 cm long wrist strap for the tightest possible fit.
* Rubber palms and mini fins on fingers for comfortable secure fit and much easier to put on and quicker to take off.

Morgan Shark Fin Weight Lifting Gloves Size and Width measuring a full circle around the knuckle area in cm:
S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-23, XL/22-27.

The Morgan Shark Fin Weight Lifting Gloves are ideal for professional weight lifters and for those who appreciate a higher quality weight lifting and weight training glove.

If you want a cheap pair or weight lifting gloves and do not want to compromise on quality then the Morgan Shark Fin Weight Lifting Gloves are for you!

Hand wash only the Shark Fin Weight Lifting Gloves.
Do not put these gloves in the washing machine or clothes dryer as the wrist strap may tangle up and cause damage to the gloves.

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