Welcome to the Universal Self Defence online web store where we have everyday great discounts with a big range of martial arts gear and all sports fitness training equipment.

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When it comes to good quality martial arts training equipment at affordable prices look no further than Universal Self Defence. Also you will find the right fitness equipment needed for most competitive sports where physical conditioning makes the difference between winning and losing.

All Sports Gear
Many products used in martial arts training can also be used for other sports as well as for personal fitness training. Many accessories such as sports bags, all sports guards and protectors, advertising wedges, awards, training clothes, rash guards, compression wear, digital display timers and safety whistles are also used for sporting games events.

Boxing Equipment
The advent of boxing never seems to fade. Not only is boxing an exciting spectators sport but also even if you do not want to jump in the ring you can still enjoy all the fitness benefits from boxing training. Of course like any sport it pays to have the right gear so you get maximum performance and reduced impact and protection for your muscles and joints. And if you are going to take your boxing fitness to the next level then you really do want to have the best boxing gloves and protective equipment like we have at Universal Self Defence.

Fitness Training Equipment
Martial artists like many other modern day sports people have become heavily reliant on fitness training equipment to maintain their peak performance and competitive edge. Many pieces of very effective and inexpensive equipment and exercise devices can found at the Universal Self Defence online store that assist any athlete with their strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, balance and with their ability to absorb more impact whilst sustaining less injury.

Football Equipment
It is surprising how much martial arts training has been injected into improving footballers combative skills. Everything from boxing fitness training to wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu grappling and controlling is now added to the players skill set. Likewise CrossFit training is also used to increase core strength and endurance. So much of the same fitness training equipment is used including strike, bump and hit shields and boxing focus mitts and boxing gloves. Whereas martial arts will use grapple, ground and pound bags, footballers will use softer foam filled tackle bags so they can fall on the grass with less impact.

Jigsaw and Gym Mats
Universal Self Defence has a great range of foam mats for both the floor and the walls. Jigsaw mats are the most popular mats used with martial arts as they are tough, easy to clean and to set up and pack away. There are all different thicknesses depending on your requirements. 2 cm jigsaw mats are great for general fitness exercises and standup fighting and ground grappling. If you are going to sweep or takedown your opponent then 3 cm mats are better and if you going to throw your sparring partner as in judo or jiu-jitsu then you will need the 4 cm size jigsaw mats. Also available are the really thick foam landing mats which are great way to build confidence with beginners. For weight training areas you need the heavy duty rubber flooring gym tile mats.

Kickboxing Gear
Although kickboxing can be a fiercely competitive sport like boxing, it can also be done purely for fitness and enjoyment. Whether you practice kickboxing more for the fitness side or more for competition or for both, you need to wear the right clothes and to use the right equipment and Universal Self Defence is a great place to shop for all your kickboxing gear. You can choose your training equipment as individual items or you can purchase kickboxing packs specifically designed for kickboxing training. There is also a great range of kickboxing shorts, which is the most important clothing for kickboxers. Well designed kickboxing shorts have very wide elastic and drawstring waist so they do not move around and are light and loose so your kicks can fly freely.

Martial Arts Clothing & Uniforms
Whether you dedicate your training to one form of martial art to attain maximum proficiency, or you like to explore and enjoy several different martial arts, you need to wear the martial arts uniform or specific martial arts clothing that will accommodate whatever martial arts training you have decided to throw yourself into. Wearing general exercise clothes when doing martial arts training is always a big mistake. Not only will you look like a novice dag your regular clothes will not last very long being grabbed, pulled and stretched well beyond their limits. It is not very smart or cost effective wearing general exercise clothes for martial arts training. At Universal Self Defence you can purchase the right martial arts clothes for whatever activity you are doing whether its standup fighting, ground fighting, grappling, throwing, kickboxing, boxing, MMA, karate, taekwondo, kung fu etc. If you are a mixed martial artist then you are going to need a few outfits to cover what you are mainly focusing your training on at the time.

Martial Arts Targets
For any martial artist having the accuracy, speed and power is something you have to work hard at and there is no better way than practicing on a specifically designed martial arts target. Whether you are into boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu or MMA, Universal Self Defence can supply you with the perfect target for your training needs. The traditional straight cylinder shape punching bag is still the most popular target used and they come in many different sizes. For those who like to work different angles with there striking there are many different shaped punching bags, like teardrop, mushroom and the wrecking ball canon ball shape which also good to swing so you can practice ducking and weaving with your boxing. There are also human shaped targets for more realism and takedown, ground and pound bags for MMA fighters. Some targets are designed to be handheld for more mobility so you can emulate the sparring footwork and timing needed when you are fighting. Boxing ball targets are also often used for speed, timing and eye and hand co-ordination, which is also very important.

Sparring & Protective Gear
When you decide to take your martial arts training to the next level and start free sparring and being more competitive then you need the correct sparring and protective gear for both you and your partner. Depending on what type of sparring you are doing will determine what you need to protect. At Universal Self Defence we have literally got you covered from head to foot if need be. When you go through the shopping categories what you need is easy to find as is all sorted according to what part of your body you need to protect. Also the product names can help, if you are doing MMA then you need MMA gloves, if you are doing boxing or kickboxing then you need boxing gloves. Most important before you buy any product make sure you click on the product to read the full product description and look at any additional product images so you make sure you choose the right product for your needs.