The use of goal post pad protectors has become commonplace with NRL Rugby League, ARU Rugby Union and AFL Australian Rules Football.

In fact it is now hard to find any sporting club that does not use protective padding over any posts that players or officials may collide with.

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Goal post pad protectors play an important part in allowing more players to enjoy their football with less risk for incurring injuries. Whilst it is impossible to keep any sport injury free, the introduction of goal post pads has made a huge difference with the safety of the players and even with the way the game is played.

Goal post pads have become such an integral part of rugby football that some players even aim for the pads to rebound the ball when kicking so they can regain possession. Purely by accident the introduction of goal post pads has had the added benefit of bringing another dimension into the strategic set plays practiced by some of the top football players.

Ordering Goal Post Pads from Universal Self Defence
Since 1983 the Universal Self Defence Academy has served the Australian martial arts and self defence industry and have proven over that time to be a great place to buy martial arts and fitness equipment. Now the Universal Self Defence online web store also supplies football goal post pads with the same philosophy for high quality and good service they have had with the very demanding martial arts industry. Universal Self Defence believes it is better not to compromises on quality and workmanship with its Australian made goal post pads whilst still keeping such essential equipment very affordable for even the smaller footy clubs. It is easy to request a quote from Universal Self Defence by just placing an order online and adding the comment option that the order is for quote purposes only which will be subject to your club’s approval. You do not need to use your credit card online to place an order or quote as Universal Self Defence with give you alternate payment methods details for paying by bank transfer or cleared cheque or credit card over the phone. For a quote on custom printed goal post pads we will need you to email a high quality image file for any logos you may wish to use. You can also give the pantone colour code if you need the best matching colour printing for your club or sponsor’s logo.

Types of Goal Post Pads, Shapes and Sizes
Goal post pad protectors are made of machine cut impact-absorbing foam with a centre hole cut down through the middle and covered with outdoor vinyl. With square shape goal post pads the Velcro closure is on one of the corners so the pads are easily wrapped around the goal posts and with the join on the corner all 4 panels can be printed on or outdoor digital stickers can be added. Most common size goal post pads used in Australia with NRL and CRL Rugby League football and Rugby Union football are approximately 6ft high and 34 cm wide and are square shape. AFL Australian Rules Football have much higher goal posts and are more narrow than Rugby football so they use much higher goal post pads and the round shape. Most common AFL pads are 250 cm high and 26 cm wide and they come in a set of 8 to cover all the goal post pads on both ends of the football field. Rugby football only needs a set of 4 goal post pads to cover 2 posts on each end of the football field.

Goal Post Pads Custom Printing
Another benefit with goal post pads is they make a brilliant billboard advertisement for sponsors and/or to promote local clubs. Local businesses are often happy to pay for the cost of the goal post pads if they are able to have their business name and/or logo featured on the goal post pads showing they are a proud sponsor and supporter of the local football club. It is a win win, as goal post pads offer the prime position for advertising, being in the most predominate place on the football field, people cannot help but look at the advertising on Goal Post Pads. Goal post pads advertising provides the best opportunity for even small football clubs to be able to fund the purchase of a set of much needed goal post pads with the help of a sponsors backing. At Universal Self Defence you can order goal post pads with your own custom printed design. We will help you with the best and most economical layout for your club and/or sponsors name and/or logo so your goal post pads advertising will have the maximum impact from a distance.

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