If there is not a Universal Self Defence Academy centre near you then you should make a list of your preferences and seek a martial arts club that suits most of them. Well established and respected martial arts schools maybe listed in your local phone directory or you can find one by using a popular internet search engine like Google, although not all good martial arts clubs have web sites with high search engine ranking. To narrow your search add your area or town to your search keywords. Keep in mind the bigger the promotional promises and advertising campaign does not always mean the better the martial arts club, it just means they have more money for advertising.
If your requirements are to have up to date training methods, incorporating several styles of martial arts techniques and have traditional values and ethics, then there are quite a few clubs who do this, even though they may only advertise as one style of martial art. Generally the more traditional martial arts schools do not change or update their training methods as much as non traditional freestyle mixed martial arts clubs.

Keep in mind when you view a class you are only seeing a small part of a program. Choosing an Instructor is probably more important than choosing a martial art style or organisation. Look more closely at the students of your next prospective class as they are a good indication of the Instructor's ability. Anyone can teach talented students with a good result. Look for students with below average ability that are doing well in a class as that is a truer sign of a good Instructor. Safety is also very important when choosing a martial arts school. You will train less often and not to your full capacity if you get too many injuries.

It is good to be enthusiastic and have high ideals and expectations but you should try to avoid putting too many demands on your Instructor as your personal goals will still be mostly achieved by your own efforts. What may appear at first to be too challenging might not be the case after you have had the right guidance and training who can often be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve.