In light of children's safety concerns in every community here are the Universal Self Defence Academy's best top 10 most useful children's personal safety tips and kids self defence techniques.

These top 10 kids self defence tips have all been well researched and developed for use as part of our Universal Self Defence training program.

Universal Self Defence believes it has never been more important to teach children to be more in tune with their environment and most importantly to encourage children at a very early age to be more aware of their own personal safety and to give children the tools and the knowledge to act swiftly to help themselves keep safe and be able protect themselves at all times confidently without any fear.

Of course no matter how well you train your children they are still just children and therefore will always need the protection and help of responsible adults to watch over and look after them. In any case teaching your children a few very fundamental personal safety and Universal Self Defence skills can be a very powerful tool in helping to protect and keep your child safe.

Universal Self Defence Top 10 Kid's Personal Safety Tips:

1. Never wander off alone. Always ask your parents first before going off anywhere or with anyone.

2. Always travel with a friend when going to and from school, it's a lot safer and makes the trip a lot more fun. Use main roads and avoid short cuts and isolated places.

3. Always be wary of public toilets. Children should never play near public toilets or go into them alone without a supervising older person.

4. When out and about always arrange to have a meeting place in case you get lost.

5. If anyone asks you to go with them, no matter what they promise or offer, whether you know them or not, DO NOT GO!! You must say "NO!" Only your parents can give you permission.

6. Have a secret family password that you must hear if an unexpected lift arrives or a message is sent, then you know for sure it is ok.

7. Adults who need help or directions should not approach children they should ask another adult. Always keep a safe distance so if anyone makes you feel unsafe you can walk or run quickly away. Tell your parents, a teacher, a policeman or go to a safety house or shop and explain. Ask your parents where the nearest safe places are.

8. If someone holds you and won't let you go or tries to force you to go with them then yell, scream and shout "NO!” and/or “Help me!" making as much NOISE as you can to attract help. Also throw your bag or whatever you can and scatter your belongings everywhere. This may distract the person holding you so you may escape.

9. Your body belongs to nobody but you. If anyone touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or in a way that you think is wrong then say "No!" If you are told to keep it a secret, or offered a gift not to tell, say "No!" You must always tell, no matter what.

10. If you ever have a problem or feel unsafe, then keep talking about it, until someone helps you.

If you wish to use these tips for your local school or community group please include a credit to Universal Self Defence at:

Thanks for working with us to help build strong, healthy and confident children.

Master Peter Burke
Universal Self Defence Academy