Universal Self Defence classes for Adults are generally for over 16 years of age and up.

All Adult Universal Self Defence mixed martial arts listed classes are for all levels of experience both novice and advanced, male and female and beginners are always welcome to join in anytime, all year round.

Please refer to classes directory times for start and finish dates for the year and which classes are held during holidays.

There are no long term contracts for our adults Universal Self Defence martial arts classes.

Universal Self Defence for Adults fees:
Pay Per Lesson or Member's Monthly Discount Rate
Also discounts are available for the family!

Adults class focuses on improving confidence with basic to advanced level self defence, martial arts and fitness skills. Learn not only self defence but how to be more assertive, whilst getting super fit and feeling more empowered, training in a friendly, positive and safe environment.  Also learn strategies to avoid personal safety dangers and how best to deal with confrontation.

For all class enquiries phone the class enquiries number listed on our classes directory page.


In today's world you need to be strong and assertive. I have seen many cases where vulnerable people have been taken advantage of in the worst possible way. Your own dignity is your most valuable asset. Universal Self-Defence Academy can help you build and protect it.
(Lawyer B.A., S.D. Chicago)

Being a victim is not something you want to talk about. Who can really help you? Society had me believing that women are weak, vulnerable and useless defending themselves against the stronger male. When I was attacked, I feared that if I resisted or fought back my attacker would get angrier. Adding to the shock was the fact that it was someone I knew and trusted. The hurt went so deep and the terror paralysed me. I tried as hard as an untrained person could to resist. There were opportunities to defend myself, escape and even to avoid the whole predicament. But my fear took away my confidence. I hesitated and the opportunities were lost.
Universal Self-Defence Academy, through its practical training system has made my confidence stronger than my fear and strengthened the belief in myself. Nobody ever asks or deserves to be raped. Now I can and will defend myself! Thank-you USDA.
(Anonymous Rape Victim)