Try to avoid travelling alone. Keep to well lit and crowded places. Avoid deserted areas or dark potential ambush sites.
Walk in the centre of the footpath and towards on-coming traffic if possible. Be alert to cars stopping or attempting to pull up behind you.
Know the public transport timetables so you're not left waiting. Sit near to the driver or a guard.
Don't go in confined areas such as elevators with anyone you feel a bit unsure about. Stay closest to the exit or any opening and closing control panel. Get out if you feel unsafe.
Be wary of public toilets, they are often a magnet for misfits and perverts.
Plan to go out with a group of friends you feel safe with. Good friends make sure their friends are safe and help them make safe choices.
Beware of drink spiking. Never accept drinks from an unknown source. Never leave drinks unattended - if you do throw them out.  Only drink from sealed containers or watch your drinks being made. If you feel over intoxicated or notice a friend appearing intoxicated in a very short time quickly alert your friends and security staff or other supervising authorities and go to a safe place immediately.